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5 Benefits of Doing Your Commute on Public Transport

We know the temptation to reject public transport and take your car into work is strong. You’re in control of your own time… mostly – traffic aside, you can pack as much lunch as you can carry, and enjoy your own personal space.

However, with more cars on the road than ever, air pollution is becoming a very real problem; especially in cities. As Dr Penny Woods, of the British Lung Foundation, said:

“Air pollution is reaching crisis point worldwide, and the UK is faring worse than many countries in Western Europe and the US.”

So, we’ve pulled together a few benefits of taking public transport that might have never crossed your mind before! Let’s see if you can be persuaded…


1. Helping To Reduce Emissions

Firstly, there’s the benefit to the environment. By taking public transport you can help reduce the amount of cars on the road, and so reduce the amount of pollution being pumped into the surrounding environment.


2. Catch Up On Some Reading

Utilise the extra time you gain by commuting! Whether you’ve got bits and pieces to prepare for work, or you’ve got a novel you’ve been meaning to dive into – you now can with your new found time.


3. … Or Some Sleep

Equally, early starts and late finishes – especially in Winter – can be exhausting. Research suggests power naps are full of benefits – including helping you to feel more alert, which makes you more focussed. Further benefits are said to be that it can lower blood pressure levels (Full article at


4. Avoid Daily Road Rage

It’s simple really – no car, no car park dodgems, and no traffic to contend with! Instead, you can sit back and relax on your chosen mode of transport. Sailing along bus lanes, or flying through tunnels and across fields will feel even more satisfying when you remember those frustrating moments – where all you have to stare at is the rear end of the car in front – that you’ve left behind.


Of course, we understand it’s not always possible to find suitable public transport if you don’t live somewhere central. But if you do have the option – is gaining time, and a little sanity enough to encourage you to switch from the daily commute in the car to the bus/train/subway/tram? Let us know!


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