7 Benefits of Cycling Instead of Driving!

7 Benefits of Cycling Instead of DrivingImprove your health and the quality of your family’s life by cycling instead of driving – it’s actually a lot easier than you think!

Live Longer

A study conducted by Kings College London on over 2.4k identical twins showed that those who completed three 45-minute bike rides a week were on average nine years ‘biologically younger’ than those who did not. This even surpassed conditions such as smoking, BMI levels and other influences.

“Those who exercise regularly are at significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity,” says Dr Lynn Cherkas, who conducted the research. “The body becomes much more efficient at defending itself and regenerating new cells.”

Get there faster

We all know that driving usually feels like the easiest, most convenient option to get somewhere. However, research by Citroen shows that in the UK’s major cities, you could get to your destination in around half the time if you cycle as opposed to driving.

For instance, it may take you around 30/40 minutes to get to Edinburgh City Centre from Leith during rush hour, however when cycling, it would only take a fraction of that time with all the congestion-avoiding cycling routes! Save driving time, parking time and road rage by jumping on the bike instead of in the car.

Save the planet

Not only are bikes pollution free, they take up less city space, they are a tiny fraction of the weight of a car and are more flexible to take shorter routes.

Both Petrol and Diesel emissions contain chemicals which is known to cause Cancer and other serious illnesses and In Scotland right now, 1 in 14 people are currently receiving treatment for asthma.

Save more money

The average UK household spends around £73 per week on fuelTaking small steps towards cycling once or twice a week can reduce your fuel spend drastically.

Hop on your bike for short commutes and use the spare cash for a Friday night treat for the family!

Avoid pollution

Not only can you reduce your own emissions, you can avoid heavily polluted areas like motorways and busy expressways by cycling through quicker, less congested areas.

There are many cycle paths and trails around Glasgow and Edinburgh that can help you breathe fresh air instead of heavily polluted, emission filled air. Take a look here to find your quickest cycle route.

Improve your family’s health

All parents know that their actions directly affect the behaviour and opinions of their young children – so change the way they think about pollution.

Currently, in the UK 72,000 children are being treated for asthma as a direct result of emissions. We can help reduce this staggering statistic by simply driving a little less!

For more information on how you can help reduce emissions around your city and local schools, visit our informations page. It’s time to switch off, and breathe!


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