Drive Greener On The Job

Whether you’re a driver by trade, or drive a lot due to the nature of your work, there are a number of ways to drive greener. By putting some of these simple tips into place you can help to cut down on the harmful exhaust emissions your vehicle releases into the environment!


What is Eco-Driving?

Eco driving includes the following actions:

  • Maintaining a steady speed at a low RPM
  • Shifting gears early
  • Checking tyre pressures frequently
  • Considering how much fuel you are burning

Transport companies and fleet operators can actually reduce their costs by up to 15% by training drivers to use these simple actions.


Put an End to Excessive Idling

‘Idling’ is when a vehicle is sitting stationary, with its engine running unnecessarily. Many car manufacturers are now making models with eco-friendly stop-start technology. However, if you do not drive one of these vehicles this doesn’t mean cutting the engine on short stops; such as traffic lights. Furthermore, this isn’t to say you won’t need to use your engine to power something, or for heat.

Waiting to pick someone up, sitting in your car for lunch or a for break are all situations perfect for switching off your engine. Otherwise, idling effectively gives the driver 0 mpg in fuel consumption, and subjects those around the vehicle to continuous fumes and engine noise.


Vehicle Health Checks

In order to reduce the amount of harmful emissions and pollutants released by vehicles, regular maintenance checks are required.

The actual schedule of car maintenance varies depending on the year, make and model of a car, its driving conditions and driver behaviour. In addition, emissions testing can help ensure that vehicles are within the required legal limits.

Happy driving!


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