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Falkirk – Is it really better to switch off your engine?

Midlothian – Taxi Idling problem in Dalkeith

West Lothian – Air Monitoring

East Lothian – City Tree

Stirling – Familiarisation of area

Pilot Deployment of Emissions Detection and Reporting (EDAR) in Scotland

This took place over the period 15th March until 31st March the Partnership, along with the Scottish Government funded the pilot deployment of EDAR in Scotland. A further two weeks of testing was undertaken at one location in North Lanarkshire (1st – 14th April). More information on EDAR can be found at

The main objective of this trial was to assess the possibility that the use of remote sensing testing could replace the use of van based testing completely. The long term prospect being a deployment of EDAR across the four authorities with the idea being to communicate with those driving the most polluting vehicles to establish the reasons why this is the case. There is an awareness that there are various causes for high polluting vehicles, such as mechanical problems, driving styles, fuel type and specific manufacturers but the more amount of data relating to “real world” emissions which can be collected the more accurate the final assessments can be.

The net result of all this work would be to reduce air pollution from vehicles allowing for cleaner air, especially in built up areas. This would lead to a reduction in the well-publicised threat to life expectancy and health.

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