Why should you ‘Switch off’ your engine whenever possible?

BBC reporter Tim Johns recorded his exposure to particulate matter whilst travelling on various modes of transport during his daily commute. Read the full article to see what transport exposed him to the highest pollution levels.

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Cleaner Air for Scotland

The Scottish Goverment has launched the “Cleaner Air for Scotland – The Road to a Healthier Future (CAFS)” strategy that sets out how the Scottish Government and its partner organisations propose to reduce air pollution further to protect human health and fulfil Scotland’s legal responsibilities as soon as possible.
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BBC: “Diesel cars: What’s all the fuss about?”

Report by the BBC on diesel emissions.
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Fixed Penalty Emission Testing

Did you know that excessive vehicle emissions can lead to a fine in some local authority areas?
South Lanarkshire, is one such region. Please click the link to read further information on how it may affect you.
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ITV Reports on the effects of air pollution.

The ITV Tonight program reports on the harmful effects of vehicle emissions. Watch the program on the ITV Website HERE


Could diesel cars be banned in the UK?

The Independant newspaper reports on the UK Government being ordered to tackle air pollution.
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