What is Vehicle Idling?

‘Idling’ is when a vehicle is sitting stationary, with its engine running unnecessarily. When this is done without reason it effectively gives the driver 0 mpg in fuel consumption and subjects those around the vehicle to continuous fumes and engine noise.

Pollutants from emissions have a proven impact on our health and our environment. This is something you can stop! With a small change to our driving habits by stopping vehicle idling you can help protect your own health as well as those around you.

Think of this…you would not let a child smoke a cigarette, but most drivers will sit outside of schools with their engines running allowing pollutants to fill the air. Both of these actions can cause cancer and other illnesses.

Does that make you think differently now?

There are times when idling can be acceptable such as on very cold days to provide heat, when stationary at traffic lights or when a running engine is required to power equipment. However it is worth bearing in mind that by switching off your engine wherever possible, you actively reduce air pollution and its effects on you and those around you.

It is worth remembering that some local authorities issue fixed penalties of £20 to drivers who sit with their engine idling after being asked to switch off.

The partnership works to educate commercial companies (such as bus companies and taxi firms) and also provides resources to the schools within the area to educate all drivers, especially drivers of buses, taxis and school runs. The VEP also provide resources for schools to educate children, teachers and parents.

Does that make you think differently now?