Switch off & Breathe


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Vehicle pollution information for students, teachers and families

The East Central Scotland VEP provides a range of resources and information on air pollution that will interest students, teachers and parents in Central Scotland.

We also provide a range of services to discourage idling around schools and encourage parents, and schools, who believe they have a problem with car pollution to get in contact with us.

  • We can provide a service to put up ‘Switch off’ signs where needed.
  • We can provide leaflets advising people of the reason why they should be switching off.
  • We can provide free stationery on request. (Dependent on availability)
  • We can attend information evenings or functions. (Information wall with monitor)

Please use the videos below to show your children in the effects of vehicle pollution and idling. Perhaps you may learn something too!

How we can help?

Does your school have a problem with idling cars and buses?

If so please report it to us. We can raise awareness in many ways, such as the placement of anti- idling signage.

A child’s lungs are constantly developing and working much faster than adults. Therefore they are more susceptible to the effects of air pollution. You would not subject a child to cigarette smoke, yet vehicle emissions are just as dangerous and most drivers will park with their engines running outside of schools. It is harmful. Switch off your engine and let the children breathe.