Switch off and breathe in 2019!

Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2019?

More than 41% of people make resolutions for the year ahead, usually ranging from healthy eating; exercising more; saving; spending more time with family. According to a poll set up by ComRes, 38% of people who make resolutions want to exercise more, 33% want to lose weight, 32% want to eat more healthy and 15% want to take a more active approach to health.  

It’s safe to say, when it comes to improving health, the most popular resolution seems to be exercising more – and we’ve got a solution for you. In the morning, don’t turn that engine on! If it is possible for you to walk or run to work, why not start there? It can easily be included into your day to day routine!

Walk or Run

Walking or running to work is the best way to start the day, it is surprising the amount of steps or exercise you can get on that morning trip to work. Not only is it good for exercise, but also for clearing the head and waking yourself up before you get into the workplace. Start your day off the right way. Oh and you’ll be helping us on our mission to lower emissions!

Get On Your Bike

We’re aware that not everyone has the luxury of walking or running to work by being that little bit further away, but there’s another option- cycle to work! A lot of major cities have started a cycle to work scheme which has saved 112,210 tonnes of CO2 every year. Over 18,500 employees use the cycle to work scheme and 67% of those would travel to work by car if they weren’t involved in the scheme. So, if you can get on that bike and give cycling to work a try.

Help Make Our Environment Healthy

If walking, running or cycling is not possible then why not ensure a healthy environment for all those living in central Scotland by switching off your engine if you’re standstill for more than 10 seconds.

Our mission is to reduce vehicle pollution therefore we provide assistance by:

    • Conducting emissions testing on vehicles
    • Dealing with smoky vehicles that cause air pollution
  • Encouraging vehicle owners to not idle unnecessarily on our roads

This in turn improves the air quality for everyone the region.

Let’s make our New Year’s resolution together in 2018 – to reduce emissions and get healthy whilst doing so!


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