6 Ways To Save The Planet On Your Summer Road Trip

With the grace of scorching weather covering Scotland this summer, many of us will be seasonally inclined to jump in the car, toss the picnic (and maybe the kids) in the back and take off for the weekend.

The good weather can make us forget most of our problems, however there is one that can’t be forgotten: the colossal effect some driving styles can have on the earth and its population.

This blog post will take you through the top 6 ways to help reduce emissions, your carbon footprint and the lives lost to air pollution. Take note, you can help save lives this summer!


1 – Switch Off and Breathe

Not only could you save money by not vehicle idling, you could save lives. Studies show that in 2005 air pollution contributed to 650 deaths per million people in the UK.

This is possibly the number one tip for those looking to reduce their emissions this summer. When cruising the countryside and stopping to grab a quick 99p cone, switch off your car instead of leaving it running – the effect you have could be tremendous.


2 – Take the Road Less Travelled

Both petrol and diesel emissions contain chemicals which are known to cause cancer and other serious illnesses – so cut it out!

This summer, instead of running the engine, take the road less travelled and bring the bikes out of retirement. Cycling to work or getting the train or bus cuts down on major emissions caused by traffic congestion – one sure way to help your environment.


road-trip-300x300 (1)3 – Let the Wind Blow Through Your Hair

Your car’s air conditioning could be blasting more than just cold air. A/C contributes to your car’s overall emission footprint, sending harmful fumes into the air around you and increasing fuel consumption significantly.

Help both your pocket and the planet by winding down the windows, and letting the clean wind blow through your hair.


4 – Tighten the Belt

Weighing down your car can significantly increase your fuel consumption and result in a major increase in air pollution.

Just an FYI, The World Health Organisation estimates that 7 million people died worldwide due to exposure to air pollution during 2012 – so do your bit and streamline your packing!


5 – The Buddy System

The buddy system: a universal path to efficiency! The same goes for car-sharing. If you are able to give co-workers a lift to work, or jump in someone else’s car, it’s a massive saver for the environment. Double the cars = double the journeys = double the pollution!

Embrace the buddy system to help your environment and save lives!


6 – Put the brakes on

Now, we’re not asking you to go full ‘Driving Miss Daisy’, you just need to drive the speed limit in order to reduce your car’s emissions.

Air Pollution is responsible for the loss of 6 months of life expectancy – is speeding now worth the loss of 6 months in the future? We don’t think so! So, observe the speed limit and help lengthen the lives of those around you.

Air Pollution affects us all, there’s no question about it. So when you’re planning your summer road trip, keep these tips in mind – they could help save the life of someone you know, and millions that you don’t.